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"Fulfillment Merch flat-out revolutionized our merch program.


Thirty years touring and on the web...we've never done better."


 - Sascha Konietzko, KMFDM

Fulfillment Merchandise has been a wonderful enhancement to our retail sales at Mama's Boy. It has been a life-changing service to have someone provide a quality shopping site for our customers & fulfilling their orders! Not to mention awesome customer service. One of our best business decisions to date. Highly recommend.

 - Mama's Boy

"Thank you guys for all the awesome stuff you create, always getting my orders here in Georgia so quick. Shipping times have never failed to be prompt and swift. Keep up the good work, excited to see what the future brings, especially starting in the fall." 


 - Thom, Production Client, 

Atlanta, Ga. 

"We will definitely be working together on upcoming projects this summer.


I am very happy to recommend your excellent company.  


Thanks for all!"


- Kirk Bowman, Director, Rise Up And Care

"I've never had a problem with service or products, and that's why I keep buying and recommending you to people when they ask where I get all these slick shirts."


- Peter, Pueblo, CO., satisfied web store customer




Thanks again!"


 - Joel, Riverside, CA., satisfied web store customer

"I just wanted to take the time to write a personal "thank you" for the handwritten note, and the sticker & postcard "extras" that you included in my order (not to mention the signature confirmation I requested)!  Little things like this are why I've been a long-time KMFDM fan, and will always be a fan for life.

Long live Team KMFDM!!"


- Travis, loyal web store customer

"Just wanted to say "Thank You" for your prompt & courteous response. Excellent service and speed."


 - Tim, Grimesland, NC, satisfied web store customer

"Thank you all very much, I greatly appreciate how easy you have made this return for me! Have a good day, I'll see you next order."


 - Mark, Denver, CO, satisfied web store customer

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